Ikogosi Springs Resort and Arita Waterfall ( #ibmcsc )

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Ikogosi Springs Resort and Arita Waterfall as a team. The resort at Ikogosi is in the final stages of Phase 1 development and not ready for the public, so we were grateful to be able to see the resort as it is in its final stages of Phase 1 development. We were also honoured to get a tour of the facilities by the Managing Director of the property. From what we saw so far, when the resort opens in a few months time it should be very impressive! Besides have great lodging options, pools, etc, the resort is surrounded by beautiful nature and hot and cold springs which make for an interesting and beautiful experience. Of course, the Managing Director was friendly, welcoming, and was eager for our feedback. I really do hope that the resort is a success. It has everything going for it!

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After our tour of the resort, we made a short drive over to Arita Waterfall. The waterfall itself is relatively small, but it definitely is in a scenic and location and as part of a trip to Ikogosi is well worth a visit. The team took a lot of pictures in the water and a few of us even climbed up towards the top of the waterfall.

IMG_0485 (Small) IMG_0479 (Small) IMG_0476 (Small) IMG_0519 (Small) IMG_0517 (Small) IMG_0514 (Small) IMG_0512 (Small) IMG_0509 (Small) IMG_0504 (Small) IMG_0501 (Small) IMG_0496 (Small) IMG_0493 (Small) IMG_0490 (Small) IMG_0489 (Small) IMG_0487 (Small)

So by the late afternoon, I think most of us were ready to head back to the hotel. It was a nice day out. And I am looking forward to attending church service tomorrow. I heard that they do it differently here in Nigeria.

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