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So I installed Windows 8 Pro

Yesterday evening I installed Windows 8 Pro on my private laptop.

I have to say so far so good. I can understand why people would complain that the experience is optimised for the touch screen market, but I really don’t get the complaints that it somehow so impossible to use that no one will ever understand it. If you want to understand the new Windows 8, just simply move your mouse to the edges of the screen as there is no start menu button. And there is a “desktop” mode which looks 99% like what you had in Windows 7.

Windows 8 in and of itself isn’t enough to make me buy a new laptop, but the new OS feels a bit more intuitive for those of us who spend our non-working hours on touch screen devices.

I give it a solid 8 / 10 based on my experience so far…I am looking forward to seeing the Surface tablet and maybe being able to ditch my iPad…