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Towards Vienna we go!

On the way to Vienna for a company education event. I am pretty excited about it. I do really like Vienna as a city with it's imperial elegant architecture. The education events ends on Thursday afternoon but I will stay there some extra days to see home more of the city. It is my secpnd trip there in 4 months.

The education event is centered around the things we sell and how to sell more of it. Even though I am managing our delivery in the region, the session will also be valuable for me as well.

I could have done a better job of booking my flights, so I ended up having to take a flight with a connection. However, the flights are with lufthansa and that means that the flights are generally enjoyable. The flight from Stockholm to Dusseldorf was no different. And the connection to Vienna is no different. I do also have to confess that it was nice to be in the air again after several weeks on the ground.

Anyway…just a random update to get back into the habit of journaling. Write more later! For now, a picture from the air…you start to realise how small we are when you look at the ground below when you are screaming through the sky in a metal tube.

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Saturday Morning Update

In hindsight, that handmade pasta and half bottle of wine weren’t the best idea to begin a night out. But it made for a cozy evening at home in front of the television. 🙂

It’s been a bit a long and strange work week. In some respects I am very glad that it is over. In other respects, some good news about work came to me and that has made me happy. September has not been a very good month overall. I am happy for it to move along.

In line with my Corporate Service Corps assignment, I will need to polish up my website, photo site, and journal websites and make it all work with Facebook and Twitter. This will be the motivation that I needed to keep everything updated and do a full refresh of my digital branding. I plan to make it all happen over the next 4 weeks.

I learned yesterday that I will have to delay my tattoo appointment again. It’s a bit disappointing so today I will go and find a new place to get my tattoo done. Or maybe I will go to the same tattoo place again today and ask for someone else to ink me. The person who normally does it has been sick a lot lately. So I wish them a speedy recovery in any event and hope it is not serious.

For those who haven’t seen it, this will be the new tattoo joining my Phoenix tattoo:

That’s all for right now. Now since I am up so incredibly early, I am off to a little farm stand to find some fresh fruit to make some homemade scones. Yes scones. And later bingo if I can my orthopedic shoes. Sigh…I live a life with too many contrasts.

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