My Fitness Journey – Day 75 (Tuesday, 15 March 2016)

It’s hard to believe that it has been 75 days since I started on this journey. 75 days! Holy shit that is a long time. But it hasn’t felt like a long. In fact, it’s felt like quite a short time. In terms of weeks, it’s only been a little over 10 weeks since I have started to focus on my eating and exercise habits.

So where has it left me?

I weighed myself today and realised that I lost 15kg since I stepped on the scale on New Year’s Day. I think that this is something to be proud of, even if I don’t feel very happy about it.

That probably sounds strange, eh? But let me explain…

As I wrote previously, I have a goal weight that I am trying to get to. My originally goal to reach that number by my birthday, but at current rate and pace, losing 1kg a week, I would miss my goal by 2 weeks. So now I have to decide how much is my goal worth to me? I probably need a couple of weeks of making myself miserable in order to get there, but I could do it. This goal is important to me. I made a promise to myself to get there by a certain date. As good as it would feel to still make the goal with only a two week delay, it still means that I will have failed.

But I will do my very best to succeed in a healthy and safe way.

No matter what, I won’t blame anyone other than myself for the end result. One of the great things about using the MyFitnessPal (MFP) app is that it adds another dimension to my eating. I like to think of it as “matrix-fying the way I consume food”.  The best way I can describe it is kinda like being Neo in the matrix. I visualise numerical values (calories, micro-, macro-nutrients) on the plate or in the glass. And most times I make smarter choices because of it.

The weight achievement I have today is tenuous. I need it to hold for the rest of the week before I declare success. And I am still of the mind to get to buy some PT time with my gym, as I do feel like what got me to this amount of weight loss so far might not be enough to get me through the next round.

In terms of exercise, it’s still pretty much the same:

  • 3x a week of body pump (I consider it working with weights, even though the internet is evenly divided on whether it has any value at all as a type of strength training )
  • 2x week of spinning
  • 1x week of something I call “cardio blast” (60-120 minutes of a sustained activity)

Sooner or later I will incorporate Stronglifts 5×5 into my life, but I am not there yet. Most of it is psychological. As I might have written earlier, my experiences in that part of the gym the few times I have been there haven’t been positive. The people there weren’t very friendly and unless you were “one of the boys”, it actually felt hostile (made to feel like I was in their way).

Anyway, to leave things on a positive note, I am happy for the gains that I have made thus far. In the grand scheme of things, I am making good progress, but not great progress. This journey stopped being easy a couple of weeks ago, but now is the time where I need to buckle down and keep at it.

Onwards and upwards!

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