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Long Time No Post

So I think that it is time for a general update, especially since it has been so long since I have made one.

For the past few weeks I have been on vacation, but I have also been working during that period as well. Vacation has really just meant fewer hours. So last week while on vacation I went to work in Denmark and Oslo. This week while I am on vacation I will go back to Denmark at the end of the week.

This weekend was also Pride weekend in Stockholm. It was quite a fun party time. Wednesday I went to Berns, Friday I went to the Heaven Party at Rio, Saturday I went to the Hell Party at Rio as well as to Lino. Sunday I went to Defekt and Patricia. Monday was spent recovering and having dinner with my friend sipho84.

This week I am really going to try and relax a bit. Although I might meet up with my friends Chris and Hans in Göteborg to go to Big Night Out. But my friend Glen in Copenhagen might also be an alternative to hang out with because it is Pride in Copenhagen. And of course, I am still so totally undecided on whether to go to Ibiza in a couple of weeks or just stop short and visit some friends in Barcelona.

Decisions, decisions!

At any rate, since I have most of the rest of the week off, I need some ideas on how to be productive. Especially since next week begins a really hectic work schedule for me.

Any suggestions? 🙂