A night out, Ado-Ekiti Style

So after an interesting first week, our awesome hosts Yemi and Ayo realised that we needed a night out on the town. In Ado-Ekiti, there isn’t a restaurant and bar culture like you’d find in many other places. In fact, it just might be that the most popular bar in Ado Ekiti is attached to our hotel. But since we live there, we needed to get out of the building. So we were taken to a local bar, got a private performance from a local band, and had beers and danced and relaxed. It was a cool night out!

As normal (well, kinda normal anyway), some pictures 🙂 The internet connectivity continues to be a significant challenge, so I can’t upload so many just now 🙁

IMG_0291 IMG_0298 IMG_0311 IMG_0356 IMG_0376 IMG_0258 IMG_0282

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