Ahead of the curve yet behind the times, digitally speaking

It dawned on my today as my internet domain name renewal reminders came that there was actually a time when I can remember not really caring much about my digital personna. It was cool simply to have a hotmail address or an e-mail alias that centralised all of your mail.

Today is really different.

In addition to my own website – which admitted I don't keep up to date it is just to prevent others to taking the domain name – I also have several 'rodneycornelius' domains that I register and am just too lazy to point to my main address. Maybe some day…some day…

In addition to websites, now there is a need to maintain facebook and linked in….and even friendster and myspace (even if they aren't popular, then I have a presence there until they die out).

Then of course there is my main blog here at LiveJournal, not to mention Tumblr.

And for good measure, photos using Flickr, Fotki, and Picassa (but primarily Fokti).

So keeping all of these things going all require work and effort. And it just amazes me that 15 years ago we wouldn't have even thought about it.

So in some respects, I feel ahead of the curve…I am in the age demographic that is supposed to be anti-technology and yearing for simple things like wired telephones, record players, and typewriters. But I actually like and have a passion for new technology.

Where I fall behind is that in rushing to adopt all of these new things, I don't really put the energy into any of them that they truly deserve. For the moment, I am okay with that. But I guess at some point I have to either select fewer ecosystems to participate in, or wait for another tool like TweetDeck that can help even more with digital presence management.

That typewriter is looking awfully good right now…

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