Week In Review

Well this was my first full week back from vacation.  I can’t say that I am overwhelmingly happy to be back at work now, but it is nice to have a bit of a routine.

This week there was a lot of urgent and import tasks to be completed at work.  I managed to get most of them completed, but without exception there will be more urgent tasks this week.  There usually are 🙁

At any rate, the weekend was quite nice.  On Friday I took it easy and stayed at home.  I watched Thank You For Smoking and Scent of A Woman.  They were both really good films.  On Saturday, Alex came over and we just sat around and drank and chatted.  And then we went out to Lino and had a great night out.  Today we decided to eat hamburgers and the hungover food of choice (and Alex makes the best hamburgers ever!).

It sucks that this weekend has to end so soon.  But oh well…back to the daily grind.

Oh yeah, and for those of you interested, I have begun to use Facebook a lot more now.  So maybe see you on the site!

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