Birthday and All

So it has now come and gone…my 31st birthday. And I feel just fine.

I celebrated the day by relaxing and just doing nothing all day long. It was perfect. Alex came over and we went out to dinner. He got me a really cool belt and a new pair of undies. And I got lots of great birthday wishes (over 25 of them…thanks everyone…that made my day!!!) and really cool e-cards!

On Friday Alex and I went to the gym and worked out for 2 hours, and then we ate lunch and then went out shopping and he managed to find a store with great jeans for tall guys like me. And I got a new pair of jeans. And I got new pillows as well, and new underwear and socks. And then we had dinner and then he had to go home and prep for a competition.

Markus then called me and invited out to a VIP party that one of his friends was hosting. Or at least his friend’s company. It was a fabulous place and great party. All of the free booze one could drink, so we stuck with the champagne until it ran dry. And then we had mixed drinks and not-so-mixed drinks until we were too drunk to stay. So then I went home and went to sleep about 10 minutes later.

This morning was quite nice…not really hung over…and with enough energy to go to the gym :-9

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