It’s Been A Long Time…

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And I am not really sure to be honest
why it has taken my such a long time to write anything in my journal.  It
is certainly not because there are a lack of stories or information to
share with you all.  It has more to do with the fact that I have been
so incredibly busy and in some casesstressed out that I have not had the
opportunity really to spend the amount of time that I want to to write
things down.  So in fact I am writing this in e-mail in the back of
a taxi.

Life in general has been quite okay
if I must measure it against the greater things of what is important.  My
work is challenging but good, friends have gotten married, others have
gotten divorced, and I have made an effort to keep in touch with those
whom I have not communicated with regularly via e-mail.  In the time
that I have written (and I can’t remember just now how long it has been),
I have been to Budpest, traveling around the Nordics to Helsinki and Copenhagen,
and have made lots of new friends.

It’s kinda like I don’t even know where
to begin to explain the missing period of my life that isn’t recorded in
LJ right now.  But now matter…for the moment, it’s a beautiful spring
day in Copenhagen…and I will enjoy the day and the weather….and maybe
do some expense reports since American Express is sending me love letters

Enjoy the day boys and girls 🙂  And
I will write some more soon 🙂

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