My Fitness Journey – Day 9 (Saturday, 09 January 2016)

Having gotten through Friday and feeling bad about myself for both Thursday and Friday (even though both days I stayed under my calorie goal, I didn’t stick to my nutrition goals), I decided that Saturday was a day to just pick up and carry on.


In terms of exercise, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer, 40 minutes on my strength training workout (I follow a modified machine workout course recommended by, and the 7 minutes of cardio cooldown. From a weights perspective, I was lifting 15% less total weight than the last time I did that workout in July. I am not surprised. In the intermittent exercises that I have been doing, it has been mostly cardio. And I did go a bit light on myself because I want to ease back into it (I’m not looking to pick up where I left off, I am looking to go beyond where I am today). It wasn’t a high-burning calorie day, but I can still feel the effects of the workout this morning (day after) which is great. The only thing I didn’t like was that even on a Saturday evening, when I thought that the gym would be quiet, it was pretty packed with people. But I was still able to generally keep to my circuit strength training with one exception).


In terms of diet, it was a much better day. I went back to my Phase 1 meal almost completely successfully.


  • Omlette with mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes
  • 2 slices of turkey bacon
  • Tomato juice


  • South Beach Diet Vegetarian Chili with Avocado Salsa (this was fantastically good) – I ate 2 servings (each serving is a ladle, and about 180 per ladle)


  • “Entree” (post-workout) – 15 cashews, ½ avocado
  • “Main Course” – Baked salmon and oven-roasted vegetables (all of the leftovers)


I have to say that later in the evening I was still starving, so I decided to have a snack

  • The chili again, but only one serving
  • A chocolate chip cookie that my neighbor’s kid (they are always doing something like this and I felt like it would be a d*ck move to say “no I am on a diet).


So today from a food perspective felt a lot better. I am always well under my calorie allowance (not always a good thing) and my weight still dropped compared to the day before, so here is hoping that my complete f*ck-ups were mitigated through improving food choices and exercise. The real test will be tomorrow.

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