My Fitness Journey – Day 7 (Thursday, 07 January 2016)

Today was my first travel day whilst on the diet and exercise. I did the right thing and I bought my exercise gear with me. I was determined to stick to exercising 5-7 times a week this week.

But to be honest, this day could not have gone more wrong, in terms of exercise and diet.


In terms of exercise, I decided that since I had an early flight, to take my workout clothes with me and exercise at the hotel gym. The website said that the gym had an elliptical trainer, but when got there, they had this funky sort of “wave machine”. I think had I not torn my meniscus and had surgery and rehab, that it would have been a decent machine. But as it was, the “wave” motion really bothered by knee so I had to stop.

Wave elliptical machine. Not good for those with a torn meniscus…

Luckily there was an exercise bike and a treadmill, so I found my way to get cardio in. It just took longer than I had planned. And time was not on my side on Thursday.


In terms of diet, it was a pretty bad day as well.


  • I didn’t have time to eat a real breakfast and getting to the airport on time turned out to be stressful due to unusual traffic, so I managed to get by on a vitamin water, a stick of celery, and several cups of coffee.


By the time I arrived at my destination and was ready for lunch, all of the healthy salads were sold out, so I ate what was the healthiest option left in the cafeteria:

  • meatballs in gravy (they were cooked in the gravy, so I tried to move as much as possible), along with some lettuce and tomato that I the kitchen hadn’t taken back in.
  • It was delicious, but it actually felt really bad. So I didn’t eat much.


Then because of the fact that I worked late, exercised, and misread the hotel’s restaurant hours (they were open until 23:00/11pm, but the kitchen closed at 22:00/10pm), I ended up eating

  • a cold chicken caesar salad (with almost no chicken in it)
  • ham and cheese sandwich – although I removed the bread. It really just left me starving and under-nourished.
  • Two small glasses of wine (I met a friend in Helsinki whom I hadn’t seen in awhile and he had some great news to share, and I allowed myself to give in and had a couple of celebratory glasses of wine)


Now, I know compared to what is happening around me in the world, it’s tempting to say “what a first world luxury”. But for better or for worse, I have exercise and diet goals, and none of the above was helping to achieving those. Combined with a stressful day at work, I felt awful. I am expecting to gain 0.5kg back because of this. It feels awful 🙁

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