My Fitness Journey – Day 4 (Tuesday, 04 January 2016)

So now I am on my fourth day of my fitness journey. Was a good day overall. In terms of exercise, I managed to get in 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer, and the second spinning class (60 minutes) for the week.

In terms of food:


  • Scrambled eggs
  • Turkey bacon
  • Vegetable Juice


  • Chicken capri (leftovers)
  • Cucumber and Mushroom salad


  • Bolivian spiced porkchops
  • South Beach Mashed “Potatoes”
  • Oven roasted veggies
  • Lime Jello (sugar free)


  • Laughing cow cheese and some celery (although it isn’t right to call this a snack, I ate it as soon as I got back from the gym because I was starving and food prep and cooking for dinner took 45 minutes).


Today I felt much less hungry. Or should I say that I felt full on eating less. However, because I am doing cardio and not strength training, I feel okay to come in significantly under my calorie budget. On the days that I do weight training, I will strive to come within 500 calories of my goal. But again, not going crazy with the counting.

I did notice that some work-related stress had me craving something “sweet” like some chocolate or something like that. It was the first time I realised that I potentially stress-eat and if it is true, I need to find other ways to deal with it.

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