When did 06:00 change for me?


I woke this Saturday morning at about 06.00. Actually that’s not true. I woke up at 05.30, but I couldn’t find  decent jpg/gif on the internet, so let’s say 06.00. In the morning. And as the music started streaming in my apartment (since it is set up to activate when I wake up), I sat there wondering: how the hell did this happen?

Let me explain what I mean.

I can remember a time when not so long ago when I could unlock the door to my apartment, take a quick shower, and then sink into the bed to get some sleep. It had almost always been a fun night out with friends. Sleeping until around noon and then getting up and going about my day.

Fast foward to more recent times. Usually I am waking up on 06.00. I typically haven’t made it to my bed, because I fell asleep on the sofa, surrounded by research articles, my laptop, and a glass of wine not even half finished.

When did adult life decide to rear it’s head and take over?

2 thoughts on “When did 06:00 change for me?

  1. You ain’t in neverneverland any more, Peter! We all have to grow up some day, even you.

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