Life as (temporary) Gentleman of Leisure

So I am well into now my second week as a Gentleman of Leisure. I have managed to get that title because at the moment I am in a cooling period between my old job and my new job at another company. And since the new company is a competitor, I have been put in a holding patters for a couple of months.

Life as a Gentleman of Leisure is not so bad…but I certainly couldn’t live like this forever.

My days could be filled with doing lots of nothing, but those who know me best know that is not really my style. So I have some small projects that I have always wanted to work on, but never got around too. So that will take up some of the time. I also have been going to the gym more which has to be good for me somehow. I have also made more time for friends and lunches and dinners. I think of it more as a long well-deserved holiday rather than a punishment of any kind. I have come to accept and understand that all of those critical meetings where if I weren’t there the perception was that the world would implode — it was gladly just a perception. The World as a structure is holding up after all.

So I have come to the conclusion that whilst I will be a Gentleman always, there isn’t much time for Leisure this summer as I set personal challenges and goals. And I am okay with that 🙂

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