Nike Centre for Art and Culture and Lunch ( #ibmcsc )

In addition to our visit to Osogbo, we also had the pleasure to visit the Nike Center for Art and Culture which is under the artistic direction of Ms Nike Davies Okundaye. Her center in Osogbo was filled with artwork from herself and various other artists. After visiting her Gallery (and making some purchases) we were invited to see where craftworks were made including the indigo color that graces so much of the artwork in her gallery. Finally as a special event we were treated to lunch at her house – a magnificant house in which she has pets include turtles and peacocks.

I also pounded yam (a staple of the diet here in Nigeria) even tried Monitor Lizard which was cooked is garlic and ginger. It didn’t taste like chicken at all.

We were very grateful for her kindness and hospitality and for sharing her artwork with us.

IMG_1694 (Small) IMG_1691 (Small) IMG_1687 (Small) IMG_1678 (Small) IMG_1672 (Small) IMG_1647 (Small) IMG_1607 (Small) IMG_1544 (Small) IMG_1527 (Small) IMG_1526 (Small) IMG_1523 (Small) IMG_1518 (Small) IMG_1514 (Small) IMG_1501 (Small)

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